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7th-8th September, 2017

Rydges Hotel, Queenstown

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Confirmed speakers 

Alpha Yap, University of Queensland
Role of catenins in signaling
Peter Thorn, University of Sydney
How are functional domains established in beta cells?
Parry Guilford, University of Otago
E-Cadherin and cancer
Peter Shepherd, University ofAuckland
Role of beta-catenin in vesicle trafficking
Peter Gunning, University of New South Waeles
Signal transduction utilises different actin filament populations
Denise Wootten, Monash University
Novel insights into class B GPCR activation and signalling
Catherine Day, University of Otago
Building chains - characterisation of ubiquitin chain assembly by TRAF proteins
Feifan Guo, Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences
Amino acid signaling in metabolic diseases
Jo Perry, Liggins Institute
Growth hormone signalling
Jon Sayers, University of Sheffield
Novel strategies for activating or inhibiting growth hormone receptors
Jack Flanagan, University of Auckland
The effect of PI-3 kinase inhibitors on signalosome formation
Jacqui Stoeckli, University of Sydney
Gene Environment analysis of Insulin Resistance
Greg Smith, University of New South Wales
New insights to metabolic signalling in liver
David Croucher, University of New South Wales
Targeting chemoresistance through predictive models of drug induced signalling
Adam Patterson, University of Auckland
Role of mutation heterozygosity in kinase inhibitor response
Thomas Cox, Garvan Institute, Sydney
Remodelling of the extracellular matrix in cancer


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