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7th-8th September 2017

Rydges Hotel Queenstown

Organising committee:

Programme committee headed by Jack Flanagan and Laura Domigan, University of Auckland

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Dr John Burke (Canada)
Prof Steve Almo (USA)
Dr Gerrard Manning (USA)
A/Prof Lisa Martin (Aus)
Prof Ashley Buckle (Aus)
Dr Michelle Dunstone (Aus)
A/Prof James Murphy (Aus)
Dr Lawrence Lee (Aus)
Prof Ross Bathgate (Aus)
A/Prof Danny Hatters (Aus)
A/Prof Margie Sunde (Aus)
Dr Michael Landsberg (Aus)
Dr Jane Allison (NZ)
A/Prof Chris Squire (NZ)
Dr Ren Dobson (NZ)
Dr Peter Mace (NZ)
Dr Monica Gerth (NZ) 
A/Prof Brian Monk (NZ) 
A/Prof Shaun Lott (NZ)
Dr Ghader Bashiri (NZ) 
Dr Yoshio Nakatani (NZ)
Dr Wayne Patrick (NZ)
Dr Sarah Atkinson (Aus)


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1 May 2015
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1 Aug 2015
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