12.30pm Gather at Iritekura marae entrance

1 pm Powhiri will be followed by a cuppa

2.00-2.10 Overview of the meeting to open proceedings.

Teepa Wawatai representing NPH

Prof Peter Shepherd representing QMB Meetings Society and Maurice Wilkins Centre


Session 1. What do we have now? An overall introduction to where we are in the metabolic diseases space in New Zealand (2.10 - 3.10)

Chaired by Rinki Murphy and Jennie Harre Hindmarsh

Heather Verry from Diabetes NZ with a perspective from patients of the type-2 diabetes epidemic in New Zealand

Dr Rinki Murphy (Auckland) A clinical view of diabetes impact in New Zealand

Dr Will Harrison (Auckland) - a Māori perspective on metabolic and cardiovascular disease

Dr Ofa Dewes (Auckland) & Dr Donald Wilson (Fiji) - A Pacific perspective on metabolic disease

Dr Rosemary Hall (Wellington) – What medicines and treatments do we have available to treat type-2 diabetes in New Zealand and how we can do better.


Session 2.What is there in the future: Metabolic disease research (3.10-4.45)

Chaired by Phil Wilcox and Tony Merriman

Brief overviews of ongoing research efforts to tackle metabolic disease in NZ.

Dr Phil Wilcox will introduce Te Mata Ira guidelines

Dr Kath McPherson will outline the Health Research Council funding schemes and strategies

Prof Dave Grattan will outline the Maurice Wilkins Centre research strategy in metabolic diseases

International voices

Dr Giles Yeo (Cambridge) – How do our genes influence our metabolism ?

Prof Jose Florez (Boston) – Can we tailor medicines to our genes?

Dr Joseph Yracheta (USA) – Involvement of indigenous communities in genetic research


Session 3. Ngāti Porou Hauora as an example of an integrated approach to Māori lead health research (4.45-5.45pm)

Chaired by Teepa Wawatai, NPHCT Board Chair

NPH continues to develop an integrated approach with its whānau, patients and communities by joining forces with researchers from a range of 'disciplines’ to better tackle metabolic conditions. In this four-part session, Ngāti Porou Hauora will summarise the story of its long-term strategy and experiences in developing health research relationships and programmes (past, present, future), along with the added value, achievements and challenges experienced with this journey to date and NPH’s next steps into the future. Teepa Wawatai will introduce NPH, a Māori PHO (and the smallest PHO in NZ), which from the outset has included health research programmes governed by the Board’s research policy and procedures. NPH Research Coordinator Jennie Harré-Hindmarsh will give a historical overview of NPH’s health research policy and programme. Tony Merriman, Lisa Te Morenga & Cassidy Moeke will speak as examples of longest and ongoing research partnership between University of Otago and NPH. NPH CE Rose Kahaki will discuss the Hauora’s future plans.


7.15-8.15 pm After dinner discussions to come to a consensus statement regarding the status of metabolic diseases in this country (Moderators PS and JHH)



8.30-10.10 Diet/Prevention Strategies in Metabolic Disease

Dr Lisa Te Morenga (UoO) OL@-OR@: a co-designed app to support healthy lifestyles for Māori whanau

Dr Kirsten Coppell (UoO) A primary care nurse (dietary) approach to tackle metabolic disease

Dr Rosie Dobson (UoA) A novel telemedicine approach to tackle metabolic disease

Dr Rosemary Hall (Otago University, Wellington) Gestational diabetes studies

Dr Kara Okasene-Gafa (Counties-Manukau DHB) The HUMBA study

Tea break


10.40-12.30 Molecular Approaches to Understanding Metabolic Disease

Prof Tony Merriman (UoO) – Overview of genetics studies in Māori and Pacific people 

Dr Phil Wilcox (UoO) Genome-wide inheritance of diabetes and gout in Māori and Pacifica

Dr Mohanraj Krishnan (UoA)Impact of the CREBRF gene variant in Māori and Pacific people

Dr Anna Gosling (UoO) – Approaches to understanding modern prevalence of disease-causing variants

Dr Troy Merry (UoA)– Maurice Wilkins Centre phenotype vs genotype study

12.30-1.30 Lunch Break


1.30- 3.00 Joint session with NZ College of GPs

This will be beamed live to the RNZCGP meeting in Auckland

Dr Lance O’Sullivan (Moko Foundation) - Importance of research in rural medcine

Dr Giles Yeo (Cambridge) - Genetics of metabolic diseases

Prof Jose Florez (Harvard) – New developments in pharmacogenomics

Dr Joseph Yracheta (North Dakota) - Genetic studies in indigenous people

Prof Peter Shepherd (UoA) - (Short talk) Sugar in Schools Study


3.00- 4.00 Medical Aspects of Metabolic Disease Research  

Prof Debbie Hay (UoA) - New peptide hormones

A/Prof Rinki Murphy (UoA)– Bariatric surgery

Tamasin Taylor (AUT) - Pacific patient engagement in bariatric surgery programs


4.00- 4.30 Poroporoaki

4.30 Depart to Te Puia Springs Hospital, Te Whare Hauora o Ngāti Porou

4.45 Tour of hospital to familiarise people with the base for the new research centre the Ngāti Porou Hauora has established in partnership with the Maurice Wilkins Centre.

5.15 Onwards to Gisborne


DAY3 of the meeting will be at Gisborne Hospital starting at 9am and concluding at 2pm.

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1 May 2015
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