Queenstown Research Week 2021 


We are very sorry to announce that COVID-19 restrictions mean QRW 2021 has been postponed again.  It will now be held in the same format in August 2022. Please see below for the 2022 meeting schedule. 

All delegates who are registered will be notified and given the option to carry their registration over.  More details will be posted at a later date.  


 The 31st Annual Queenstown Molecular Biology meeting SOLD OUT  

The Queenstown Molecular Biology (QMB) meeting will run in the same format as 2019, as a 2-day general science meeting, will now run on Wednesday 8th and 9th of December  The co-ordinator of the organising committee for 2021 is Dr Maren Wellenreuther from Plant and Food Research. 

 The 16th New Zealand Medical Sciences Congress SOLD OUT  

MedSci 2021 will now run on Wednesday 8th and 9th of December . The chief convenors for MedSci for 2021 are Assoc. Prof Rebecca Campbell and Dr Jeff Ericksson from the University of Otago.


Mihi Whakatau with keynote speaker  
8.30 a.m -10.30 a.m Monday 6th December
Convenor Katrina Bevan

Applied Genetics in Breeding Technologies 6th/7th December 
Andy Allen (Plant and Food Research) SOLD OUT

CRISPR Technologies (1 day) 6th December
Convenors Peter Fineran (UoO), Veronika Sander (UoA), Jennifer Hollywood(UoA), Cushla McKinney (UoO), Indranil Basak (UoO), Silke Neumann, (UoO) 

Advances in Microscopy (1 day) 7th December Mihnea Bostina (UoO) Otago Karen Reader (UoO) Lloyd Donaldson (Scion)  SOLD OUT

Metabolic Diseases and Heart Disease 6th/7th December Organised jointly by Maurice Wilkins Centre (Kate Lee (UoA,) Vicky Cameron (UoO) and Sharon Ladyman (UoO)) and Healthy Hearts Aotearoa NZ (TBA)

Infectious Diseases 5th/6th December Convenors Dr Jemma Geoghegan (UoO) and Dr Joanna Hicks (Waikato) SOLD OUT

Cancer 6th/7th December 
Convenors Rachel Purcell (UoO) and Cherie Blenkiron (UoA) SOLD OUT


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Key Dates:
Monday 19 July, 2021
QRW Earlybird Registration Deadline
Thursday 1 July, 2021
QRW Abstract Submission Deadline
Monday 19 July, 2021
AWCBR Early Bird Registration. NOTE: Abstract Submission Deadline 30th May.
Friday 16 July, 2021
Major Awards Application Deadline
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