This year will be held evening of Weds 29th August, 2018. Don't miss it!!

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Fashionomics is QMB's signature social event, and has grown to be the social highlight of the conference. With $1000's of prizes to be given away, you would be crazy not to enter.

Making a costume is easy. Download this recipe for instructions


We encourage you all to dream up some fashion spin-offs from your laboratories, however simple or strange. Start thinking about interesting and unique lab-inspired costumes, and as always, last-minute improvisation is fine, if not expected. Be creative, be bold and don't be afraid to show off your talent(s). If you can't think of anything ingenious, simply dress up your supervisor in something comical, they won't say no, and you are probably very eager to do it.

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The contest involves several key steps:

1. Scanning the laboratory to identify everyday laboratory items that could be incorporated into a potentially wearable garment.
2. Using these laboratory items to design and produce a garment that would be at home on the catwalks of London and Milan.
3. To find someone brave and/or presentable enough to model the above said item. Alternatively tell your supervisor that you will quit if he/she doesn't front up.
4. You will need to produce a legible commentary describing the garment, and the thoughts behind its creation and some personal details about the model if necessary. This entertaining description will be read out by the MC as the model and outfit (hopefully together) are making their way up and down the catwalk to widespread admiration. 

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Key Dates:
Friday 13 July, 2018
QRW Earlybird Registration Deadline
Friday 13 July, 2018
QRW Abstract Submission Deadline
Friday 13 July, 2018
AWCBR Early Bird Registration and Abstract Submission Deadline
Friday 13 July, 2018
Major Awards Application Deadline
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